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I wanted to thank Frontier Lighting for all the great service and lighting recommendations you have provided to Notting Hill at Oakmonte Condo Association in Lake Mary, FL over the past 3 years. The best recommendation was the change out of all the 60 watt light fixtures in 10 Building breezeways (total of 381 lights) to a sealed LED fixture. This has helped us in two ways: 1) electrical savings cost by $1k per month (which has paid for itself in one year) 2) no more man hours needed to clean bugs from the light fixtures. We are also in the process of updated the 2 story clubhouse to all LED lighting with Frontiers lighting recommendation.

Additionally, we have many types of light fixtures & bulbs on this large property with 52 x 3 story and 2 story bldgs./452 condos on 42 acres of land. The custom Frontier light manual that Jeff created for us, makes it a lot easier to find the light fixture or bulb we need to order, which is delivered the next day.

Many thanks and we look forward in working with Frontier for lighting needs for many more years to come.

Maurice Kearns, Association Mgr.
Notting Hill at Oakmonte Condo Assn.

We had existing fixtures that were 175 watt metal halide and burning 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a total of 88 fixtures, there was a lot of energy being used and it showed in our electric bills. Frontier lighting recommended a fixture that used only 62 watts but gave off an equal amount of lumens needed for the job. With that difference in wattage we were able to save approximately $9000.00 per month on our bill and the payback is calculated in 2.3 years. We couldn’t be happier with these new fixtures and the security it has added to our residents. Thanks so much Frontier!

Lucie G.
Regent Residences

I just wanted to let you know that I received the UPS package yesterday. I really appreciate the urgent response to this and I will definitely consider Frontier Lighting for future electrical product needs.



Thank you for the help, Scott. Everything worked out really well, and it was great working with you. Hopefully we can do it again!

Brian R.
Electrical Supply Company - California, USA

Thank you for sending over the information I reqeusted; so far there has not been anyone to respond to my quote requests I gave to you for this item and I have been shopping for them or quoting for a week. So I wanted to say BOY!!!! ......that was QUICK!!!!.....that's what I am talking about!!!!

North Carolina

Thank you Scott for taking care of this for me. I appreciate your help and will use your company the next time I am in need. I will also recommend Frontier Lighting to anyone that needs products that you sell. Again, thank you for the way you have handled this order. Also, enjoyed our good conversations. It is nice to talk with someone who is so considerate and helpful.

Patricia S.
Lake Charles, LA.

Thank you for the follow up Scott. I appreciate your help and excellent customer service! :)

Cindy B.
Managing Partner

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help last Friday with the 600 lamps we needed ASAP. I really appreciate the continuing quick response in getting our lamps, ballasts, etc.

Mike E.
Hotel Operations

Frontier has been wonderful with next day delivery and great customer service!

Appliance & Home Entertainment

Frontier Lighting considers customer service to be a corporate priority. We have always received the best service and products from them.

Lynn M.
City Purchasing Agent

I have been doing business with Frontier Lighting for several years and I can honestly say that they are right on when they say ‘Our solutions to lighting problems have no equal.’ I am extremely satisfied with all phases of their service.

Maintenance Supervisor, Sarasota, FL

I’ve enjoyed doing business with Frontier Lighting for many years. Their service and delivery is the best in the business. We’ll continue for many years to come.

Condo Manager

Thank you so much,

You guys are great!!!! It's so convenient to use the website. It's much easier for me because sometimes I don't realize I need something until late on a Sunday night, and since you aren't open that late I have to wait until a weekday during normal business hours to order (and to be honest, I tend to forget if I don't order it right away!). It's great to have the online account...very easy to use.

Thanks again for your help!


Restaurant Manager

Thank you so much, I found your website very easy to use and Scott was most helpful!


Boy you guys are something with customer service. I know some people in the apartment biz I’ll refer you to.

Thanks for your time and interest!


Thank you! I love this system. Wish more of our vendors had something like it.

Dianna B.
NOTE: The customer is referring specifically to the ability to view invoices online and the online payment system.

Frontier Lighting - I have been using the online ordering service from the start of the program. I enjoy this added feature with Frontier because it allows me to order on my own schedule. I like to think that I am preserving the safety of my Sales Men because they are not trying to drive and do business ordering. The website is entertaining with all the colorful pictures. The data base is complete and has overflowing information. The only feature I would like to see added is a case quantity in the information section. This would be very helpful for items such as T8's, T12's, and other items that would have a case. If you asked for a one word comment I would say "sensational".

Thank you
Dawn T.
NOTE: Case quantities were added for all the items Dawn orders and we continue to add case quantities to products everyday.

I have been doing business with Frontier Lighting for several years and I can honestly say that they are right on when they say "Our solutions to lighting problems have no equal." I am extremely satisfied with all phases of their service.

Richard B.
Sarasota, FL

Thank you very much for your prompt follow-up on my order. It's very refreshing to find a company and an individual with such great customer service. I really appreciate it.

Dennis B.



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